From the President

 At the time of the 30th anniversary of China¡¯s reform and opening up, Aviation Industry Corporation of China (abbr. AVIC) is founded after thoroughgoing changes, and embarks on its march to building new aviation, big aviation and strong aviation.

During this great journey, AVIC implements and fulfills scientific development principle, commits to ¡°contribute to the nation with aviation industry, strengthen the military forces and enrich the people¡± and carries out the philosophy of ¡°commitment and integrity, innovative and preeminent¡±, and exerts itself to realize core competitiveness¡¯s transfer and upgrade from the old ¡°trinity¡± ¨C funds, management and technology to the new ¡°trinity¡±- branding, business model, and integrated network. AVIC takes great effort to promote ¡°Market-oriented reform, center-of-excellence-based integration, capital operation, globalization-based development, and industrial-scale-based growth¡± and challenge the revenue target of one trillion by the end of 2017.

We are just partner but no competitor. We are committed to develop aviation industry and pursue business success, to participate in global aviation industry chain and regional economy development circle, to create value for customers and fulfill social responsibility, and, with a new stance and innovative thought, to compose a new chapter of fast and sound development for our country¡¯s aviation industry

 Lin Zuoming
President of AVIC

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